Alfa Eco is a leading private business group that consists of direct investment funds owning and managing assets in life science/healthcare, alternative energy & energy solutions, innovative technologies, security solutions, metals & mining, construction development, infrastructure, agriculture, and education sectors in the United States and abroad. Alfa Eco has strategic partnerships in Bulgaria, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, United States, Ukraine, CIS, among other countries. The strategy of Alfa Eco is targeted at the acquisition of assets in industries with a significant growth and consolidation potential. The company is also dedicated to providing corporate finance, strategic advisory, and related services to public and private companies across multiple sectors and regions.

Alfa Eco was first founded in 1989 as a cooperative between Alfa Photo and ADP (Co-founders Mikhail Fridman & Mr. Potik). Alfa Eco Group later expanded into Alfa-Bank. Since then, Mr. Potik re-developed Alfa Eco Corporation.

Mr. Potik was born and raised in the former Soviet Union; he then moved to Italy where he completed medical school in Bologna. Although Mr. Potik is a Medical Doctor, he never practiced medicine. His passion has always been and still is in the world of business. Mr. Potik is an experienced businessman with over 30 years experience in finance, business development, mergers & acquisitions, and investment banking throughout Europe, Russia, as well as North America. He has advised multiple company management teams and boards on strategic alternatives as has also served on the Board of Directors of numerous companies throughout Europe and Russia. Mr. Potik has relationships with a vast network of industry veterans and has worked with numerous head’s of state around the world.

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Methane Gas (Garbage) to Energy:

Alfa Eco is an international project integrator and producer of clean energy that provides overall supervision and control over our projects' activities. We produce electricity from biogas derived from organic waste. Our main business model is BOO (Build-Own-Operate), in which long-term energy agreements are executed with electric companies in advance of projects, thereby solving endless waste and ecological problems and meeting the endless demand for electricity.

Methane (CH4), emitted from organic waste, is a major negative contributor to global warming and climate change. We convert this harmful gas into inert gas, thus making a major contribution to preventing global warming and climate change.

  • We set up, own, and mange the project, ie. BOO (Build-Own-Operate).
  • We sign a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with an electricity company or other off-taker.
  • We choose the best technology available and sign an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) agreement for a turnkey commissioning of the project.
  • We sign supply agreements with feedstock suppliers.
  • We provide financing, debt, and equity.
  • We choose a site in an area where feedstock is easily available and where electricity grid connection is nearby.

Organic waste in the USA contains enough energy to supply a substantial part of the USA’s energy demand. These millions of tons of organic waste are the “oil” fields of the 21st century.

Food Waste Generation, 1995 to 2001

Energy Solutions

Wind Turbine SWT Technology

Shrouded wind turbines consist of a turbine with a generator block inside the ducts. The construction of the SWT is by far less complex and more reliable due to fewer rotating parts than that of the conventional turbine. Unlike the conventional wind turbine the SWT does not undergo heavy dynamic load

A wind turbine converts the kinetic wind energy into mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is then converted into electricity. Operating principle of SWT: the wind power is proportional to the cube of the wind speed. This means that the raise of wind speed is 4 times, increase in wind energy 64 times

Advantages of SWT

  • Weight: The new SWT weighs much less than conventional turbines. On average, a conventional wind turbine weighs about 130 tons per MW and is composed of 82% of steel components. SWT with the capacity of 1MW weighs less than 35 tons. Each element of SWT can perform two or more functions
  • Size: Conceptually, we envisage creating SWT complexes that will include smaller turbines in a larger cluster. They will not contain any solid bulky components similar to rotor blades. Therefore, there are no real technological limitations to the power output.
  • Wind: The new SWT does not have a wind speed limit and could operate at a wind speed up to 60 m/s, thus significantly increasing potential energy output.

Advantages of SWT

  • Visual Impact: Conventional wind turbines are tall bulky structures that are visible from a distance with their revolving parts, and their sight may annoy and disturb people.
  • Infrasound: The SWT does not produce any infrasound, the fact which is confirmed during testing procedures
  • No impact on Radio Signal/mobile Phones: Conventional Wind turbines cause considerable radio frequency interference (RFI), which impacts communication on cellular phones as well.
  • Safety for Birds & Animals: Without open moving parts, SWT does not cause problems for birds and other living beings.
  • No Impact on Radar Systems



Telecom / Media / Technology

Wireless Communication Network

We specialize in building reliable ground wireless telecom and security networks in rural and urban areas. The white space in the 16-630 MHZ band is a segment of the wireless network that has had very little usage over the years, however, our technology is capable of effectively and economically utilizing this space. Alfa Eco has the capacity to create terrestrial wireless communication networks that can deliver voice, data, and television. Our wireless mesh self-healing networking has the added advantage of continuing to operate when a node breaks down or when a connection becomes unreliable.

We developed a specialized antenna that allows us to more fully utilize the existing Radio & TV Antenna Towers or masts for installation of equipment of our networks to expand coverage and signal strength. Due to the small size of the antennas and transmission characteristics, more antennas can be located on the same tower.

The white space spectrum is currently unused due to the physical limitations of existing technologies. To operate in these frequencies one needs an antenna that is much too large to fit into a pocket friendly mobile device. We have created and patented a wireless module capable of transmitting and receiving data in these lower frequencies that is small enough to fit into a mobile consumer device. The future of telecom is now.




Technology Startups

Alfa Eco’s incubator program provide seed funding for startups and early stage companies. We strive to get you through the first phase. This usually means: get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. We introduce founders to our strategic partners, advise on issues and mediate disputes, help with intellectual property, and most importantly get you off the ground.

Our philosophy is simple: we are agnostic investors meaning that we look at every great idea in every industry. The program we provide offers essential resources, mentorship, seed funding and access to key partners & investors.‘Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.’

Report from Shell: "Average of around 35% of oil is recovered from reservoirs. The rest remains trapped in the rock. Boosting oil recovery could unlock around 300 billion barrels of oil."

Ultrasonic Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Alfa Eco's patented ultrasonic treatment of oil wells is an environmentally friendly technology that allows producers to obtain sustained higher production from failing or decreased production wells. The treatment changes the well inflow conditions by removing blockage and restoring wellbore permeability. The success rate of our method reaches 90% and the increase in oil production is in the range of 40% - 200%. The main advantages of the ultrasonic EOR technology are low energy consumption, the possibility to treat reservoir selective, no harm to the well and its casing as well as no harm to the environment and to the people.

The Ultrasonic treatment allows for a narrowly targeted treatment of the producing formation with ultrasound (15-35 kHz frequency, power up to 10 kW). A custom high power surface ultrasonic generator powers a downhole tool inserted into the well for treatment - permanently or on a periodic basis.

Alfa provides the following range of solutions:

  • 1. Solutions for light and medium viscosity oil: short term treatment: STS
  • 2. Solutions for high viscosity oil: long term (on constant basis) deployment: LTS
  • 3. Solutions for horizontal wells

  • Our technology is based on ultrasonic stimulation of the wellbore perforation zone. The effect of ultrasound in the oil wells

  • Stimulation of the mobility of oil, due to changes of its structure in the narrow contact zone between oil and rock.
  • hanges of the diameter of the pores of the rock, due to cleaning by ultrasound
  • Decrease of the oil viscosity during ultrasonic treatment
  • Cavitation effects, including sonocapillary effect which contributes to wider distribution of chemicals if ultrasound treatment is combined with chemical treatment.

  • Advantage Summary:

    • Ultrasonic stimulation offers many benefits over conventional methods
    • Effective and efficient
    • Small -sized mobile devices
    • Low processing costs
    • The integrity of the wellbore and cement casing is preserved
    • Technically, physically, and environmentally safe
    • Potential to treat different layers differently
    • Remote monitoring and control
    • working depth up to 4000 m
    • Radius of affected area about 2 m




    Alfa - Works

    Alfa Eco constructs motorways, highways, dual carriageways, superstructures, and intercity roads such as earthworks, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, lateral reinforcement barriers and other such complementary projects. In addition, the company has experience in constructing small and large bridges and tunnels, carrying out excavation projects and building lateral reinforcement barriers hundreds of kilometers long.

    The efficiency, speed and precise execution of a project using our construction can deliver a wide range of accommodations efficiently in a short turnaround time

    Tight project controls and strict quality standards translate into the highest construction available. Our codified quality standards ensure consistency and offer you peace of mind.

    We offer subway construction and building of tunnels utilizing the approach of deep tunneling. Deep tunneling allows most of the work to be done below ground, reducing distribution on the surface. The tunneling will be accomplished with a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). Deep tunneling has great potential for controlling project costs by minimizing surface construction staging, reducing utility relocations and shortening construction time.

    With respect to railway construction, we cover survey design consultation, industrial manufacturing, real estate development, logistics, trade of goods and materials as well as capital operations. We have developed mainly from construction contract into a complete and comprehensive industrial chain of scientific research, planning, survey, design, construction, supervision, maintenance and operation etc.


    Modular Development

    The company mission is to deliver a modular construction that gives owners advantages in speed, efficiency, impact sustainability and cost. By using our proprietary system that operates in a controlled environment, demands best practice workmanship of its tradesmen and maintains rigorous quality controls, Alfa-Construct helps clients meet aggressive timelines, energy-efficiency benchmarks and budgetary goals, all while providing superior quality construction.

    Our Vision
    Alfa Constructs’ system of modular construction is unmatched in the industry and we are an internationally recognized leader in the field. Our system of modular construction allows for an efficient mix of manufacturing the modules simultaneously with site preparation work being performed on-site. This parallel approach to constructing the building will allow for the overall design and construction period to be reduced dramatically.

    Our modular units contain a suite of noncombustible materials including structural steel, light gauge steel framing, concrete floor structures and fire-rated gypsum wallboard. Alfa Constructs’ vast experience with code-compliance and effective value engineering make us an integral member of your design and construction team. With the advantages of the highly controlled and structured environment of our plant the finished products arrives on-site virtually complete and of the highest quality. We stand behind our modules and thrive for continuous improvement in all aspects.

    Efficiency and speed are key elements in any construction project. Modular construction offers these advantages along with high quality and sustainable design. A new building can be designed, built and occupied in less than a year using the Alfa-Constructs’ modular system. Our pre-engineered design solutions offer great advantages along with flexibility to suit almost any situation.

    The efficiency, speed and precise execution of a project using modular construction can deliver a wide range of accommodations efficiently in a short turnaround time. Buildings can be completed 50% faster than other project delivery methods

    Tight project controls and strict quality standards translate into the highest quality construction available. Our off-site construction method in a controlled environment allows for precise workmanship. Our codified quality standards ensure consistency and offer you peace of mind.

    Security Solutions

    Security Solutions

    Labeled Faces in the Wild

    LFW dataset, test ROC, Acc. at EER: 0.934

    Security Solutions

    Facial Recognition Security Services

    We provide the most advanced and accurate facial recognition software solutions in the world. Our team and expertise in the industry are unparalleled and have been ranked by several prestigious institutions and governments. Our AI techniques and machine learning consistently make our software smarter.

    Some of the solutions we have developed are currently in use in the financial industry: banking, border control and migration services by government, social networks, as well as embedded in drone programs.



    In 2015, we implemented comprehensive and most accurate face classifier based on our or iginal Convolut ional Neural Networ k architecture. Accuracy is close to 100% now!



    In 2015 release we reached 3 times better True Positive Rate for automatic recognition mode (False Positive Rate = 10e-6).

    Behavior & Analytics Data With Facial Recognition

    Utilizing our proprietary image recognition technology, we can enter a new phase of customer insight, where all information is immediately available. Learning the habits of customers not only helps them but it substantially increases a company’s profits. Our mission is to support your sales and marketing communication process with measurable data. Facial recognition capabilities allow us to divide the customer based on gender and age, give real time reports about it, monitor the passing of traffic, recognize emotions of the detected persons including the length of the impression, identify the item and subsequent items viewed for any correlation, and location instantly. The platform also has a deep learning or AI component allowing it to constantly learn as it monitors.

    Possible Fields of Use

    Retail, Malls, Public Spaces, Events
    • Workforce optimization
    • Measuring customer satisfaction
    • Reports on returning customers
    • Customer habits
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Measuring usage periods
    • Analyzing viewing and passing traffic
    Market Research
    • Analyzing Campaigns
    • Measuring ads
    • Campaign Planning
    • Target Group Analysis

    • Compact design and mechanical strength. Substitute for existing long-whip antennas that are highly vulnerable to the mechanical stress
    • Emergency Situations in remote areas and areas of natural disaster
    • High-speed air, land, and sea transport will benefit from the small size of our antennas
    • Unattended beacons operating in harsh climatic conditions can utilize the small size of our antenna for implementation in a wide variety of housing for protection while still maintaining high energy efficiency.

    Drone Surveillance Oil Fields, Border Control, Farms,

    RADAR – based Reliable Unmanned Arial Collision Avoidance System with increased effectiveness for Detect and Avoid capabilities. UAVs on-board computer requires data from on-board sensors and external sources of data obtained from manned and unmanned vehicles that are within a specified radius of the UAV. The on-board computer determines the position of all the objects in the surrounding sphere relative to its own position and forwards the data packet to the control center for immediate data processing. A three dimensional image of the current situation is displayed on monitors with minimum delay and maximum information. Operators will be able to monitor the UAV’s proposed maneuvers and make strategic corrections as necessary. With the addition of image recognition technologies we are able to enhance the security and identification in areas of oil fields, border control, farms, forestry and be able to monitor on the ground, on water, and under water.



    Our Focus Includes:

    • Brain and Nervous System
    • Ears, Nose, and Throat
    • Lungs
    • Heart, Blood Vessels
    • Urinary System
    • Infertility, Pregnancy,
    • Female Health
    • Skin, Hair, Nails Eyes
    • Bones, Joints, Muscles
    • Blood Disorders
    • Digestive System
    • Hormonal Disorders
    • Male Health

    Alfa Eco continues to expand its excellence and expertise in life science and healthcare. We provide capital and advice throughout all stages of life science companies’ development.

    Additionally, the company has been focusing its efforts in the oncology and diagnostic space offering exclusive partnerships with innovative technologies to many former CIS countries and modernizing their healthcare systems.

    Alfa Eco’s research analysts include PhDs and other experienced clinicians and researchers, providing both scientific depth and commercial sensibility to a broad range of companies in the sector.



    Alfa Eco through its subsidiaries operates and manages prestigious private boarding schools in China serving Kindergarten through High School, as well as specialized, short term training programs. Each school is currently profitable, or about to experience a significant increase in revenue and/or net income as a result of that school’s expansion. In addition, some schools are moving from “non-profit” to “profit-making” status, enabling those schools to begin to acknowledge and report profits for the first time in their history.

    We began our involvement in Chinese education almost 20 years ago in a business that is still in full operation with offices in New York and Beijing, providing international cooperative education programs between and amongst more than 40 schools within the United States.

    These schools include SUNY (State University of New York, which is among America’s largest Universities), to a broad range of schools that include Purdue, Adelphi, Campbellsville University, Seattle University, Indiana State University, as well as a similar number of schools within China. As a result of that involvement and associations, we has been able to quickly organize and begin to implement programs that include study in Milan, Italy, for music and art, international exchange programs for Chinese and American students to each visit one another’s nations, advanced placement opportunities for those wishing to include education in United Kingdom, Spain, and elsewhere in Europe, as well as various other new programs.

    In addition, we are now integrating an intensive English language protocol in our participating Chinese schools, known as “ESL” – English as a Second Language.

    It is fast earning a reputation as a better alternative to the traditional TOEFL training programs and in addition to the current schools using the material, it will be made available to other schools within China as well, on a fee basis.

    Alfa Eco through its subsidiaries also offers distance education programs for US degree MBA, EMBA and DBA programs in Asia & Europe.



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